About Us

Welcome to MyWhistleBox, the easiest and most convenient way to share personal and confidential documents. We have made sharing your sensitive information Simple, Safe and Secure.

Email is cheap, easy and widely available, but did you know that email is not secure? Since its introduction in 1981, email has remained largely unchanged. Instead of encrypting messages before sending, most email is transmitted in plain text which means anyone with the ability to intercept email messages can read it – like hackers and criminals. This is analogous to mailing postcards instead of sealed envelopes.

Given today's challenges of securing people's Personally Identifiable Information (PII), why hasn't email kept up with the times? The short answer: encrypted email is harder to search and large search companies and their advertisers profit enormously from those inbox searches. So, don't expect anything to change anytime soon.

If this concerns you, you are not alone. We should all be very alarmed by any breach of our privacy. That's why we created MyWhistleBox, to prevent any intrusion before it occurs.

MyWhistleBox is a unique solution for privacy. It not only provides individuals and businesses with a secure, simple and anonymous way to exchange documents with others, it’s also very affordable and packed with high end features that are convenient, very simple and will save you time.

True, not all email needs to be safeguarded. Checking in with old friends, exchanging recipes, or sharing a good joke doesn’t need rock solid, Doubly-Encrypted™ security. But we believe your financial records, government documents and medical records do require this level of protection. Anything that is private and confidential should be handled securely, and email is a very unsafe method of sharing that information. Unfortunately, millions do each and every day. Not only is it not safe nor wise, but in many cases, illegal.

So whether you're an individual looking for a safe and affordable way to exchange a few documents, or a business or organization that needs to send and receive many secure documents from clients and partners, why not give MyWhistleBox a try?

The Back Story

MyWhistleBox was started by Michael and Eric Radin in Los Angeles, California as a challenge to create an easier, secure way to share private information. Seeing so many people and businesses relying on basic email and clumsy cloud based tools like Dropbox, Google Docs and DocuSign inspired them to create MyWhistleBox. After you try MyWhistleBox, you'll fully come to appreciate it's simplicity and rock-solid security.

Our Mission

To serve our customers by providing the most affordable, easy to use and secure content-sharing platform available. Our focus is to help our customers improve their business operations through time-saving simplicity and added value.