Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is MyWhistleBox better than email?

Did you know that emails are not secure? That's right, when you send an email to a recipient, the information you send is transmitted in plain readable text through a relay system reminiscent of yesterday's pony express. That means that there is no guarantee the message doesn't touch multiple computers before it gets to your destination. Anyone with a basic understanding of how the internet functions could potentially intercept and read your email. So if you send confidential information such as passport copies, social security numbers, medical records or financial documents, you might as well be sharing it with the world.

The designers of the web have worked hard to create a secure environment for web pages. Perhaps you've seen that little padlock symbol () next to your browser's web address. That's web security at work. Whether you type in a password or provide confidential information in a web form, that data is sent securely from your web browser to the recipient in a manner that protects your valuable privacy. MyWhistleBox uses that same secure web technology to exchange documents and keep your information safe and secure from Internet snoops.

Why is MyWhistleBox better than Dropbox and Google Docs?

Would you use a screwdriver to drive a nail? Of course not, you would use a hammer.

Both Dropbox and Google Docs were designed for personal storage and not for sharing and exchanging documents. Although they both have mechanisms to share files, they're clumsy and cumbersome, and are really poor tools for the job. In contrast, MyWhistleBox was designed from the start to provide users a simple and easy way to safely and securely exchange documents. In addition, MyWhistleBox has premium features like electronic signatures, secured personal notes, Document Merging and personal and professional branding.

Are my files safe and secure after uploading?

Yes! Every uploaded file is Doubly-Encrypted™ and anonymously labeled to protect your privacy. We store your files with reputable cloud based services such as Amazon and Google Cloud and they won't have read access to your files either. Only the account holder will be able to decrypt and view file contents.

What does "Doubly-Encrypted" mean?

All stored documents are Doubly-Encrypted™ and anonymous. Doubly encrypted means we start by using the strongest encryption technology available and then encrypt again using our own proprietary technology. This provides you an extra layer of protection that goes over and beyond the standard "strongest encryption available" for better peace of mind. Anonymous means we store your files with a plain vanilla file name so nobody can guess the contents.

Can WhistleBox employees see my files that I upload?

No. While in storage, the files and user passwords are encrypted with the strongest encryption available. No employee nor our contractors can access or view file contents. Files are only decrypted when downloaded and that can only be done via the signed in user. So as long as you secure your account login, you will be the only one who can view your files.

Does MyWhistleBox cost anything?

We believe so much in protecting your privacy that we offer a MyWhistleBox Basic plan for free, forever. In addition, when you sign-up for the free Basic Plan, we will also enroll you in our Professional Trial for 15 days. You will have access to every available feature so you can try them out and see what features work best for you. Once your trial plan is completed, you will be provided an opportunity to subscribe to a plan that meets your specific needs or just accept the free Basic Plan. With the Basic Plan, you will enjoy all of the core features of MyWhistleBox like uploads, downloads, address books and sharing files with other users. You will not lose access to any of your data and can continue to upload files up to the storage limits of the Basic plan. So with a great deal like that, what are you waiting for?

I want someone to upload a document to my account. Do they need to create an account first?

Not at all. All they need is your WhistleBox Address or a WhistleLink to your account. In either case, you as the account holder will need to provide them with that. If you give them a WhistleBox Address, they can simply go to the home page, click Upload Here and follow the upload instructions. If you sent them an email with a WhistleLink, it's even easier. They simply click the link in the email and follow the instructions to upload.

If I create an account, can my Doctor upload my requested health records to my account?

Typically Doctor’s and healthcare professionals are subject to a federal regulation called HIPAA. Although HIPAA is a large encompassing law covering many areas of patient information, it doesn't set specific rules on the manner of information distribution. Doctors will typically transmit your information to you via Fax, traditional mail and other private couriers (e.g. Fedex). You could of course pick it up directly from their office. But strictly speaking, there is no reason, with your consent, that they couldn't send your information to your MyWhistleBox account. But as a matter of professional policy, they may choose to limit your choices to the three methods mentioned above.

How do I know which plan I should choose?

Although everybody's needs can differ, even within an industry, our User/Plan Matrix will provide our recommendations based on the typical needs of our user groups. Our user groups are aligned with various industries that we have identified based on our experience. We are always adding to our user groups and this matrix will be updated over time.

Technical Issues

I can’t sign into my account. Help!

Don’t panic. You can use either your user name or email to sign in. Did you forget your password? You can request a password reset via email. From the sign in form, click the “Forgot Password?” link. Enter the email address of the account and check your email for further instructions. Be patient, it can take a couple minutes to arrive. The Email link does expire after a few hours. If it expires, just repeat the process to receive a new link.